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The popularity of the word in references to the agencies of mass communication is leading to the formation of a mass noun, construed as a singular.Sometimes people wonder whether or not various aspects of the occult are religious in nature or should be of concern to Christians.

This word is often written subtle, but less properly.] 1. Thin; not dense or gross; as subtil air; subtil vapor; a subtil medium.These words are supposed to give the user power to induce the spirit beings to accomplish the desired result.

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Occult diviners, psychics, and fortune tellers often speak in the name of supernatural beings other than the God of the Bible.Definition of the word Medium on the Dictionary and Thesaurus.

She certifies people as angel intuitives and angel mediums though the Bible is clear.

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The intent is to use natural laws to benefit the body (whether or not we understand the law).Short Definition: mediums. Word Origin from an unused word Definition a bottle (made from animal skin), a necromancer NASB.

Other occult prognosticators are proven to be false teachers when their predictions fail to come true.Witchcraft, magic, etc., are the occult substitutes for Bible miracles.This term is used to counter all the negative stereotypes that society has given witchcraft.Note that we refer here to appeals to supernatural and spirit powers to influence the course of events on earth: powers which are beyond the laws of nature and the natural course of events.God warns in the Bible against turning to astrology, the occult, mediums, divination and sorcery This free printable online Bible study shows how dangerous it is for.Acts 8:9-13 — When Simon used sorcery to amaze the Samaritans, they believed he had great power from God.

Those who practice such know that this is simply a natural skill they have learned by practice (like playing a musical instrument or swinging on a trapeze).Acts 13:8-10 — Elymas the sorcerer tried to keep Sergius Paulus from accepting the gospel.


Any effort to predict the future must be based on supernatural powers.

Deuteronomy 18:20-22 — After rebuking all forms of the occult (vv 9-14), God predicted the coming of the true prophet (Jesus) in whom people should trust (vv 15-19).God meets our daily needs in answer to prayer (Philippians 4:6,7).

Where God has done miracles for His people, believers in the occult seek supernatural works by means of spells, incantations, etc. that appeal to other spirit powers.

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It is an attempt to obtain supernatural knowledge by spirit powers other than the power of God.Witches and sorcerers cannot duplicate the powers and miracles God did through inspired men.The Medium is the Message. that was its meaning or. also disseminated the Bible and the thoughts of seers and philosophers.Those who are mediums or have a familiar spirit should be stoned.

The Bible and Witchcraft: What the Bible Says. divination and witchcraft, and consulted mediums and spiritists.


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Daniel 1:20 — In all matters of wisdom and understanding the king found Daniel and his friends ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers.Definition In spirituality, a medium or spirit medium (plural mediums) is a person who is said to posess the ability to communicate with spirits of deceased people.

People who need supernatural power, should turn to the one true, living Creator.

In most other applications media is used as a plural of medium.Bible Verses supporting psychic abilities, gifts of the Holy Spirit.Lookup thousands of Biblical characters, stories and quotes in these free Bible dictionaries.A test for impostors is to see if their predictions ever fail.

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